Meat 59

Meat59 started at No 59 Abbey Road (that’s where the 59 comes from!) back in 2014 by Jenna Heasman and Vince Aggett.

Our well known Green cow which adorns the front of the building some two storeys high represents our ethos of using the best quality meat we can while still keeping the business afloat. We believe meat should be a treat and not something eaten every day. It should be quality over quantity and that’s why our burger patties are made using West Country grass fed local beef.   

Eating meat is definitely here to stay but we believe in changing habits and thinking about meat differently. Being mindful of the environmental impact of the choices we make and remembering that small changes make a difference.  #MeatisaTreat #QualityoverQuantity 

Abbey Road is iconic in Torquay due to its reputation for bars going back to the 70’s. For us in the 90’s/00’s everyone used to start a night out there! Places like Mouse Trap which was a basement wine bar and Hop and Grapes where table dancing was encouraged!We lived through these times and have fond memories of the road. Try asking anyone who grew up in or around Torbay about Abbey Road and they will all the say the same! 

Of course nothing lasts for forever and this bar scene is now a distant memory. Abbey Road is still well known and Meat59 has many stories to tell about the area from the last nine years. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved from our little flag ship location and sit alongside some great small independent businesses, The Groom Room, Small World Tapas, and South Devon Tattoo amongst others.

We’ve always believed that it doesn’t matter where your business is located, if you do a good job people will come. Our Torquay location is as busy during the winter with locals as it is in the summer with tourists. 


I have no idea what kind of sorcery goes on in that kitchen but in the name of god keep doing it.

– David Besom

“Meat 59 is Burger Heaven

Been to many a burger joint all over the world and these guys make by far the best burgers I’ve ever had! Love them! Can’t recommend them enough. Just go and eat there.

– Paul K Torquay

“We will be back"

In from America to visit our sister and brother-in-law who promised us the best burger ever. We were not disappointed! Absolutely fantastic food, matched by a fun atmosphere and an amazing staff! Thank you…we WILL be back.

– Dave Benjamin


Love this place, great decor and staff, probably one of the best burgers I have ever had and the dirty fries are delicious, will definitely be back!

– devoniagirl Exeter