Meat59’s most popular special back for May 2019


 Fish Out Of Water 

Tempura Brixham white fish, minted mushy peas, home-made salt & vinegar tartar mayo with caper, samphire & rocket 

This seriously popular special has reappeared more than any other special at Meat59. Maybe it’s because it is so different to the usual suspects being a fish burger….We advertise our fish simply as “Brixham white fish”, because we use what ever is the freshest catch that day, it may well be cod but could also be hake… to us it doesn’t matter as long as its day boat fresh, local and sustainably caught. It’s a shame that a lot of people are always looking for cod when seeking out their fishy desire as there are so many more options out there which are locally caught in our waters. Some are so similar to cod in taste and texture you wouldn’t even know it was a different fish when in a burger! 
Our fish is lightly tempura battered before being flung into a bun with the usual suspects in addition to caper, samphire & rocket, if you’ve never tried samphire you are seriously missing out! It has a distinctive crisp and salty taste and is friggin awesome in this burger! 
Fish finds its way to us from the Brixham market via local fish mongers Fish For All for Torquay, Jacksons for Newton Abbot and Gibson’s Plaice for Exeter.
Catch the Fish Out of Water for May only! Although obviously it will be back again and again and again…..